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Phone Wallet Card Holder for Phone Case Sleeves Stick on Wallet for Cell Phone Card Holder Durable Adhesive Sticker ID Credit Card Holder for Back of Phone (Black + Mint)

Phone Wallet Card Holder for Phone Case Sleeves Stick on Wallet for Cell Phone Card Holder Durable Adhesive Sticker ID Credit Card Holder for Back of Phone (Black + Mint)

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  • 🛒 WHAT YOU CAN GET? - 2 Packs of CA+ Sticky Wallet (Black 2Pcs). The stretchy adhesive wallet design is made up of Premium Spandex, elastic cloth and gives you a fashion sense.
  • 💃 CONVENIENCE & NO BULKY WALLET NO MORE - This card holder can hold cash, earbuds, keys, gum, or credit cards, debit cards, VIP cards, licenses, business cards, and promotion cards. And no more wallet is needed when you're out. Just take a phone with this card holder. These adhesive pockets can also be used as a secret pocket in a personal locker.
  • 💯 SLIM COMFORT AND ELASTICITY - This strecthy phone wallet or cell phone card holder is made of stretchy spandex Lycra fabric with self adhesive sticker,and with special design of lid/flap on the top which holds the content of the pocket from falling, even when the phone pocket is upside down. The lid can cover the cards and no scratch. Touch much soft than silicone and leather card holder. Suitable for back of phone or phone case.The pocket is suitable for credit cards or ID cards. Small but very handy and functional for mobile phone.
  • 🛡️ HANDLED SECURELY YOUR ESSENTIALS - This sticky wallet can firmly hold up to 3 cards, earphones, cash and never let go. The special lid design is anti theft, helps to protect your cards and money from missing or being stolen. Not like other phone pocket design, with this design, your cards will not fall out.
  • 💪 STRONG ADHESIVE & DOUBLE POCKET - It has 3M ADHESIVE TAPE backing which provides a strong and long lasting adhesion to the back of your phone. Just peel the back paper and stick and wait for a few hours.
  • 😊 SUGGEST USAGE - When using the wallet card pocket for phones, clean the flatback phone case, which is recommended before sticking it on. Stick it in the back area of the case and press firmly until it sticks. (NOTE: anti-fingerprint glass back phone please apply on a phone case)

"CHEAP SUNDAY, is made with high-quality and highly stretchy elastic lycra spandex fabric. The material's flexibility will decide the cardholder's life span and how it looks after several months of usage. We select high-quality materials from almost ten cloth suppliers and finally decide on a material entirely different from others. It is ideal for holding a driver's license, ID, hotel key, credit card, business card, cash, or car key and will even stretch to have a set of earbuds.
We handpick each product before shipping it to ensure it is in perfect condition. This includes the appearance, adhesive of the sticker, cardholder material, and packaging. Finally, you get a clean, decent product of the highest quality.
CS STICKY LID WALLET is the revolutionary wallet alternative that simply sticks to the back of your phone case. It's crafted with premium Spandex material so it holds EXTRA SECURELY - your stuff will NEVER FALL OUT.
Product Features:
✅ Made of Premium stretchy HQ lycra and industrial 3M Adhesive for Enhanced Stability.
✅ It can hold credit cards, cash tightly and keep them from falling out.
✅ Lid secure and slim fit design for travelling.
✅ With this card pouch, you don't need to take you wallet with you."

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