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Power Strip Surge Protector Tower 12 AC Outlets 6 USB Charging Station 6.5Ft Extension Cord Black

Power Strip Surge Protector Tower 12 AC Outlets 6 USB Charging Station 6.5Ft Extension Cord Black

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Power Strip Surge Protector Tower 2100J, SUPERDANNY Extension Cord with Multiple Outlets, 12 AC 6 USB (2 USB-C) Charging Station, Handle Cord Retracting, 6.5ft Overload Protection for Office, Black Upgrade Cord Retraction Unlike other tower strips that spin when you pull out its power cord, SUPERDANNY tower vertical power strip puts an end to this bothering design. When you manage its 6.5 ft power cable, only the handle on top will rotate and the body will stay still. That means your plugged devices and their cords won’t be affected however you set the power cable.

  • 【No More Cord Winding】Unlike other surge protector towers that spins when you pull out their power cord, this standing power strip is improved with the cord-extending & -retracting design that won’t rotate the tower body but only the top handle, thus no more cords of connected devices winding around the tower.
  • 【2100J Surge Guarded】The tower surge protector with usb ports has 2100J surge protection, joining other 7 protection functions to keep you safe from any hazard and offer you a worry-free use.
  • 【18-in-1 charging station】This surge protector power strip tower with 12 widely spaced outlets and 6 smart charging USBs, multi function charging tower powers most of your electronic devices altogether without blocking the nearby outlets and manages your devices with a master switch.
  • 【Small Footprint】This vertical design outlet tower surge protector takes a small footprint and keeps your desktop clean and tidy.
  • 【Status Indicating】Not only does tower power strip has a built-in power indicator inside master switch, the extension cord tower charger also comes with a combined indicator for grounding and surge protecting status. Always keep you aware of its working status.
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